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Sometimes your daily exercise routine can be boring.

If you are trying to get rid of boredom, take out some calories from your system and also make your exercises very exciting then you should try out Interval Training.

Since it is essential that you lose weight or change your fitness program but you don’t have spare time to add anything different to your routine the answer is High Intensity Interval Training which is also called HIIT.

There was a time when High Intensity Interval Training was only carried out by athletes because of the intense levels of the exercises but now everyone can do it.

If you want to get involved in HIIT, you will need to combine different types of energetic activities to fit into your normal fitness routine.

There are many good reasons why you should opt for High Intensity Interval Training.

According to research carried out by fitness gurus,  this kind of intense interval training, will get you  involved in trainings that inter change between high levels of work to lower or even moderate levels of work effort which aid your body metabolism.

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