How To Get Started With Your Interval Training

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Everyone can add interval training to their daily exercise routine.

If you are a newbie to high intensity interval training you will need to identify objects that can help you calculate your intervals. It can be water pipes, telephone booths or poles can be used to gauge your intervals.

Try to begin with walking fast within a particular distance before increasing your pace within another distance. As your body acquires more stamina you can increase the intensity of your interval training by taking longer walks or longer jogs.

You can go hill-climbing. Add it to your jogging walking or running routine. Hill climbing is an intense exercise and it is more difficult to climb the hill but it is easier to come down.

If there are only plains surfaces in your path when you exercise, try changing your path to where you can find hill or higher surfaces that help your heart pump faster. Also have a look for more details at

You can walk, swim, cycle or run very fast for one minute and then do the same activity at a relaxed pace for the next activity. This way you get to recover and catch your breath. Use a heart rate monitor or timer to monitor your pace.

During your interval training, you must be able to differentiate between your workout and your recovery activities. Intense exercises are your workout and when you do the same exercises at a relaxed pace, then you are recovering.

It is advisable that you don’t carry out intense activities daily. Try to do it about 3 or 4 times a week but make sure it is consistent.

HIIT Is Not For Everyone

In conclusion, not everyone can carry out HIIT because of the vigorous workouts. If you notice that you can’t handle it or your body isn’t adjusting to it properly, then it is advisable you stop.

If you have heart challenges, if you are obese or if you have diabetes, it is not advisable you should go on with interval training.  If you have any medical challenges, speak with your doctor before you proceed.

If you opt for it, it is advisable you get a fitness trainer to help you check your fitness rate and monitor your progress.

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