The 5 Benefits Of Interval Training

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When you include High Intensity Interval Training to your work out regime, you will gain both psychological and physical benefits.

There is an increase in your fitness. You will notice that your stamina will improve. You can spend more time while exercising. It is a great way to get you into shape and a 10 to 15 minutes of interval training is as effective as someone who jogs or visits the gym daily. According to research, involving yourself in about 2 weeks of high intensity interval training is just as effective as 7 to 8 weeks of endurance training.

Interval training is a great way to remove monotony and boredom from your workout regimen. This is because you participate in various kinds of exercises and different intensity for each of the exercises. It makes it more creative and your workout routine will be faster. There will be something new to look forward to in your fitness routine daily. It is quite challenging but not boring. More information is available when you visit

With these levels of intensity in your training, you burn more fat. This is because of the level of energy and dynamism brought into your fitness training. HIIT workout helps you burn calories which will make you lose weight. It also boosts the production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body to more than 400% within each day of your work out. This is awesome because HGH reduces the aging process and you feel better and younger from within.

You don’t need any extra equipment. The intensity of the exercise is all you need and no need for gym equipments. Interval training doesn’t need any different skill other than the energy and effort you put into your basic workout routine. Fast feet, high knees, jumping lunges are all part of cardiovascular exercises. If you work out with equipments like dumb bells, it doesn’t aid HIIT because it only focuses on your biceps without making your heart rate faster. These exercises aids your muscles and but doesn’t help unnecessary fat.

With HIIT you don’t need to spend endless hours in the gym. Even though you spend less time exercising, you can still burn more fat and calories. Since you don’t need the gym, you can carry out your exercises anywhere you want.

Don’t Get Confused

There are some types of trainings that are similar to interval trainings and often confused for HIIT.

One of such trainings includes circuit training. Some people believe HIIT is the same with circuit training.

Circuit training is aimed at building strength and it also builds your muscular endurance. It is a resistance training which involves high-intensity aerobics.

You get to swap between cardio workouts and strength building. Once you are done with one set or circuit or work outs, you can begin another circuit. Each exercise is done in quick successions and the time between each circuit is short so you move to the next circuit rapidly.

There should be no rest between the exercises carried out in a succession when you are circuit training while you can take a break in between the same intense exercises when you are participating in interval training.

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